Canada’s Anti-smoking Campaign Slipping – Study

Chain-Smoking Congresswoman’s Asbestos Suit Shows New Trend

Almost half or 47 per cent, meantime, said they would “support” or “strongly support” a law that restricted the number of places where cigarettes could be purchased. Among the recommended strategies mentioned by the report include: 1. Increase prices and taxes on tobacco products and control price and price promotions, to reduce demand, particularly in Ontario and Quebec where total prices are much lower than in other provinces/territories.
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Health campaign targets smoking in LGBT community

Cigars, e-cigarettes and hookahs increasingly popular among youth

“People who achieve abstinence experience a marked reduction in anxiety whereas those who fail to quit experience a modest increase in the long term,” researchers wrote in the British Journal of Psychiatry study, as reported by CBC News. Similarly, a 2010 study in the journal Addiction showed that perceived stress decreased for people who quit smoking for a year after hospitalization for heart disease, Reuters reported. Your Mouth Will Thank You Quitting the habit could dramatically decrease your risk of dental problems like cavities and gum disease, and even more dangerous conditions like oral cancer, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. HealthDay reported that compared with former smokers, smokers have a 1.5-times higher risk of developing at least three oral health conditions. Your Sex Life Will Be Better Here’s a bedroom-related reason to quit smoking: studies have suggested a link between smoking and decreased sex drives for both men and women.
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San Rafael Smoking Ban, Strictest In The Nation, Goes Into Effect

The fire began in the apartment of Susan Oyster at the Heights Manor complex on North Shadylane Drive, off Lisbon Street. The resident was asleep in the bedroom area where the fire began, according to East Liverpool Fire Chief Bill Jones. Though Oyster’s apartment was destroyed, Jones says the discovery of an ashtray near the bed opposite a couch where the resident was sleeping, along with the damage pattern, provide strong clues as to what happened. “From the damage of the box spring and the mattress, we can tell pretty much where the fire originated,” he said. Article Photos A pair of third-floor apartments at the Heights Manor complex in East Liverpool were destroyed by fire early Friday morning.
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A shopkeeper reaches for a packet of cigarettes in a newsagent in London November 28, 2013. Britain announced an independent review of tobacco packaging on Thursday and said it was ready to introduce new laws banning branding on cigarette packets if the report found sufficient evidence to support it. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

Fielding also cited recent work by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that found that HIV -positive smokers were far more likely to die from smoking-related ills including cancer, heart disease and emphysema than they were to die from complications of the virus. As he spoke before a display of cheeky anti-smoking posters Fielding was flanked by members of the Break Up Squad, a group of young men who will spread the anti-smoking message on social media outlets such coupon codes as Twitter and at nightclubs and gyms in gay-friendly neighborhoods, including West Hollywood and Long Beach. The group’s first foray into the field will take place Friday evening at the Abbey in West Hollywood, said Zach Bradshaw, 24, a former smoker and squad member who said he was pleased that the Break Up effort wasn’t “preachy.” Informed about the campaign Thursday morning, gay smoker Gavin Ferry, 33, who lives in North Hollywood and has tried to quit before, said he thought the effort could be successful.
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Smoking cause of morning blaze

It may even set up a conflict between lawyers who pay millions of dollars for TV and Internet advertising to get the 2,500 or so patients diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, and higher-volume law firms representing lung cancer plaintiffs. Lung-cancer claims in Madison County, Ill. and Delaware, two of the most active venues for asbestos litigation, have more than doubled since 2010, to more than 600 a year in each court system, according to a new article in Mealeys Asbestos Bankruptcy Report.
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